Phoenix Forgotten

Role Lead Designer
Team TVGla
Company Fox Home Entertainment

Phoenix Forgotten is the story of three teens who suddenly disappear after searching for alien life. Twenty years later, the sister of one of the missing boys decides to find out what happened on that fateful day. The film, while fictional, surrounds true events that occurred in Phoenix, Arizona in 1997 when a town witnessed a mysterious formation of lights in the sky that would later be known as “The Phoenix Lights”.

With this being a larger campaign, Fox Home wanted us to find fun ways to drive awareness about the film and engage fans of extraterrestrial life. With #WorldUFODay happening around the time of our campaign on July 2nd, we created a custom unit that would appear to be an informative video but would later intertwine thrilling footage from the film itself.

This video and our other creative can be found on the Phoenix Forgotten Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well as other Fox social channels such as The Martian and The X-Files!

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